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User-friendly hotel billing software with all the essential features. Focuses on usability rather than technical complexities.

Are slow internet speeds and system crashes hampering your hotel management operations? Say goodbye to these frustrating issues by switching to our efficient Offline Hotel Management Software. With faster processing times and an enhanced customer experience, our software is designed to elevate your hotel business to new heights. Discover the power of ATS Hotel Management Software today!

hotel billing software

Seamlessly handle guest reservations with SMS and email notifications, ensuring smooth communication and a streamlined booking process.

Check In

Effortlessly manage guest check-ins, group check-ins, and guest searches with our user-friendly interface and directory feature.

Room Service

Simplify room service operations by efficiently handling multiple outlets, including restaurants, bars, and in-room dining.

Laundry, Food, Mini Bar

Easily manage extra charges for services such as laundry, food, mini bar, and phone usage.

Check out

Generate accurate check-out bills and provide guests with print previews, ensuring a hassle-free departure experience.

Reservation Calendar

Gain a clear view of room availability with our intuitive reservation calendar, enabling efficient management of bookings.

Web Cam

Capture guest photos with a webcam and easily scan relevant documents for seamless record-keeping.


Handle multiple GST tax structures, including 0%, 12%, 18%, and 28%, to ensure accurate taxation processes.


reate an unlimited number of rooms, room types, and rate types, offering flexibility in accommodating various guest preferences.

House Keeping

Streamline housekeeping tasks with features like room shifting, occupancy reports, block room status, and wake-up call management.

Bill Settlement

Provide convenient bill settlement options, including cash, credit card, credit, and cheque, to cater to diverse guest preferences.

Guest Outstanding

Efficiently manage outstanding bills, issue receipts, and maintain detailed customer folios for seamless financial management.

Table Service and Room Service Restaurant POS Add on

Seamless Integration between Hotel and Restaurant POS

In addition to its comprehensive hotel management features, ATS Software offers seamless integration with restaurant Point of Sale (POS) systems. This integration allows you to settle bill payments directly to room folios or accept cash, credit card, or credit payments.


KOT printing on 1-7 remote printers in kitchen & Bar. Restaurant POS with Table Shifting, Item Shifting, Complimentary and Modifiers.

QR-Code Menu for Room Service and Restaurant

Using our contactless digital menu in room service, no printed menu is needed. Guests can use their own mobile to access the room service menu. Other services like laundry, mini bar, spa and business centre can be incorporated in 1 qr code.

Mobile KOT Ordering

No more physical paper pads. Customer Order is taken using the phone and sent wirelessly to the kitchen and bar.

Kitchen Display

Fully integrated with ATSPOS, the orders originate from POS input and are sent to the KDS through the LAN.

Online Report Dashboard

Daily Sales Report & outlet Audit report. Track the table, sell hours and server generating the highest revenue.

Inventory and Costing

Track Store Inventory & Restaurant Cost Every Day. ATSPOS add on lets you take full control of your inventory from purchase till consumption.

Restaurant POS Add on for hotel PMS
ATS Hotel FrontDesk Software

Product Designs

ATS Hotel Management Software provides you with the tools you need to streamline your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost your hotel business. With a wide range of features tailored specifically for the hospitality industry, our software ensures that you can efficiently manage your hotel, guest house, hostel, bed & breakfast, or resort.

Hotel Billing Software

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Full Feature Hotel Billing Software

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No other system on the market today can compete with ATSFrontDesk on both price and features. All of the PMS features needed are included in the purchase price..


1 Year Package


Check in
Room Service
Check out
Reservation Calendar
House Keeping
Occupancy Report

Full Feature Property Management Software

What People Say

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Instead of creating a carbon copy.


Affordable prices and very nice service. ATS Hotel Software has nailed it. Very happy with simple software for our guest house.

Mayank Mudgal. CEO,Eden Residency

Great quality product. Thanks for such hotel billing software. It is a friendly, fast and reliable front office system.

Mr.Tiwari. Admin,Hotel Hari Piorko

Product delivered as it was advertised by them on their website.Very simple and compact PMS, we are using for last 2 years.

Ravi Kumar. CEO,Hotel Ananda .Bokaro
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