Bar Tab & Cash n Carry & Cover Charge

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From reloadable cards to fast billing, discover the different features of prepaid cards that can benefit your nightclub.

Cover Charge, Entry charge POS

With our fast and secure payment system, you can easily cover your charges without having to carry cash around. Say goodbye to cash and hello to hassle-free nights out. A Prepaid Debit Card has the capability to manage Cover Charge and Entry Charge, and it can also be integrated with a Point of Sale (POS) Solution.

Bar Tab Solution

Never lose track of customer tabs. All open customer bar tabs will remain on display.

Bar Counter Cash N Carry POS

Fast and Easy Navigation with 1 click Fast Billing. The basic POS operation is as simple as possible

Night Club Debit Card POS
Night Club Prepaid Smart Card POS

Debit Card POS Process

Keep bartenders free from cash transaction at the bar counter. Simplify cash management in your bar, pub and night club.

Step One

Customers obtain a prepaid rechargeable card at the entrance.

Step Two

Customer hands over the card to the bartender to place an order.

Step Three

Bartender swipes the card and serves the order.

Step Four

The order amount is instantly deducted from the card balance.

Step Five

The customer can recharge the card as and when required.

Night Club Card POS Benefits

Prepaid Card Benefits

Using prepaid card software can provide several benefits for nightclubs, including increased revenue, improved customer experience, better security, more efficient operations, and enhanced marketing opportunities.


Increased revenue: Prepaid card software can help nightclubs increase their revenue by allowing customers to load money onto their prepaid cards, which they can use to pay for drinks, food, and entry fees. This helps nightclubs avoid losing sales due to cash-only transactions or customers who do not have enough cash on hand.


Improved customer experience: Prepaid card software can also improve the customer experience by reducing wait times at the bar and improving the speed of transactions. Customers can simply swipe their prepaid card at the bar to pay for their drinks, which eliminates the need for cash or credit card transactions.


Better security: Prepaid card software can also improve security by reducing the risk of theft and fraud. With prepaid cards, customers do not need to carry cash, which can reduce the risk of theft. Additionally, the software can track all transactions and identify any fraudulent activity.


More efficient operations: Prepaid card software can also help nightclubs operate more efficiently by reducing the amount of time and resources needed for cash handling and reconciliation. The software can automatically track and reconcile all transactions, which can save time and reduce errors.


Enhanced marketing opportunities: Prepaid card software can also provide nightclubs with enhanced marketing opportunities. By tracking customer purchases and behavior, the software can provide valuable insights into customer preferences and help nightclubs tailor their marketing strategies to better engage with their customers.

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Night Club Debit Card POS

Want an easy and secure prepaid card system for nightclubs. You're in the right place !

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