Bakery and Sweets Shop POS Software

Manage the Rush at Multiple Sale Counters with Ease

ATS Sweet shop and Bakery Software provides you with a comprehensive solution to effortlessly manage multiple customers, all through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. With seamless integration of weighing scale functionality, advanced order management, and comprehensive inventory control, our software empowers you with complete command over your operations.

Whether it's streamlining customer interactions, optimizing order processes, or ensuring accurate stock management, our solution is designed to cater to all your needs and elevate your business to new heights of efficiency and success. Experience the power of ATS Sweet shop and Bakery Software and unlock a world of possibilities for your sweet shop or bakery.

Bakery and Sweets Shop POS  Billing Software

Print Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) on up to 11 remote printers at the counters, allowing for efficient order management. Benefit from a diverse range of 11 menu types and multiple menu categories, ensuring easy organization and accessibility.


Ensure secure void bill transaction control with our system. Use the User Manager feature to grant user rights and access privileges. Generate detailed reports on voided bills for easy tracking and monitoring.

Reports & Analytics

Obtain a comprehensive Daily Sales Report and outlet Audit report to effectively monitor your sales performance and ensure operational excellence. Keep track of pick-sell hours and delivery status for better insights and informed decision-making.

Modifier & Add-ons

Enhance your menu items by easily adding paid or free modifiers for customization. Display messages like "Less Spicy" or "No Onion" on the KOT printing to ensure accurate preparation according to customer preferences.


Offer no-charge bills and complimentary items such as "Buy One Get One" to enhance customer satisfaction. Generate comprehensive reports to track the quantity and value of complimentary items provided.


Access customer history and preferences, allowing personalized food choices. Take advantage of gift card and reward point schemes to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Advance Orders

Effortlessly handle a wide array of customer advance orders, catering to all their specific requirements, and conveniently adjust the billing amount accordingly. Our seamless system empowers you to efficiently manage and track these advance orders, ensuring accurate billing and customer satisfaction.

Kitchen Display

Experience seamless integration with ATS POS, where orders are seamlessly transmitted from the point of sale (POS) input and effortlessly sent to the Kitchen Display System (KDS) through the network LAN.

Restaurant POS Software Add ons

Endless POS Add ons for Every Restaurant

To enhance the speed and ease of restaurant billing operations, there are several must-have restaurant POS add-ons that can provide invaluable benefits. From waiter mobile app options to inventory management features, these add-ons can streamline the billing process and improve overall restaurant efficiency. Some of the essential add-ons include QR code menu integration, kitchen display system integration, loyalty program integration, token display and tableside ordering capabilities. These restaurant POS features can enhance the customer experience, reduce wait times, and increase order accuracy.

Bakery and Sweets Shop POS Software

Want a Bakery and Sweets Shop POS Software ? You're in the right place !

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