Food Order Ready Alerts SMS for your Customers

Send an order pick up alert directly from the kitchen to the waiter

Kitchen supervisors or chefs can alert waiters when orders are ready to be picked up and served. If orders go out quicker than tables turn faster and the food remains fresh and hot.

The good thing is that it is completely wireless. The system alerts the waiter that food order for a particular table is ready and is waiting to be served.

Software will also help you run marketing campaigns, attractive discount coupons and offers.

For Dine in Restaurants

For Food Courts

Food ready order alert system

Waiters can now be alerted of the waiting orders eliminating the need to run back and forth from the kitchen.

Notify your server wirelessly when their table order is ready. Cloud based system is very easy to learn and maintenance free. Minimal Staff Training is required.

No expensive pagers, loud speakers or shouting out names.

Direct communication from the kitchen to the waiter. No loose wires or maintenance.

Marketing to existing restaurant clientele.

Do not Loose money on the tables.

Works on an PC, laptop, mobile or any computer.

Food ready order alert system

Order Ready Alert Process

System ensures that the orders are served quicker. .

  1. Step One - Alert Waiters

    Once food is prepared, chefs or kitchen staff can alert servers by typing the table number on mobile.

  2. Step Two - Notification

    Table no displayed on the monitor or TV confirms that food is ready at the pickup counter for serving.

  3. Step Three - Serve Food

    SFood is served faster, fresh and more hot.

Food ready order alert

Want Food order ready alert system for your outlet ? You're in the right place !

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