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Mobile Food Order Ready Messaging for your counter

ATS Restaurant POS

If you are a restaurant owner who has customers waiting to be seated, then you must have our SMS paging system. The good thing about it is that no extra is hardware is required. It sends an SMS to the customer that their order is ready. Build a loyal clientele, expand your customer base. It will help you run marketing campaigns, send attractive discount coupons and offers, reward loyal customers.

No need of expensive customer order display

Notify your guests via SMS when their order is ready

Benefits of our Mobile SMS Paging System

  • Marketing to existing clientele to drive foot traffic back to the restaurant on a repeated basis.
  • Lower startup costs and fees.
  • Payments scalable by size of restaurant.
  • Say goodbye to pen and paper lists!Manage your wait list.
  • No expensive pagers,loud speakers or shouting out names.
  • Notify your guests via SMS when their order is ready.
  • Works on an iPad, laptop or any computer.
  • Make every guest a VIP.
  • Lose the Crowd, not the Customers
  • and more..........

Get in touch with us: +91-9810078010 | +91-9871450202