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Is your POS able to alert you when issues arise? ATS Messenger does

ATS Restaurant POS

ATS Messenger System enhances the productivity of managers and owners by automatically generating configurable report sets and sending them to pre-defined email accounts for easy retrieval and review at any time of day. ATS Messenger also sends automated alerts to cell phones, and email. The conditions that trigger these automatic alerts are based on pre defined parameters. Furthermore, its integration with ATSF&B POS solution allows it to extract information and alerts you in real-time

"Fraud Alerts" allow managers to monitor employees in real time

Automated Alerts module Features

  • Sends automated alerts on sales and collections on daily basis (Day Close).
  • "Fraud Alerts" on Bill Void.
  • "Fraud Alerts" on Bill Reprint.
  • "Fraud Alerts" on Item Deletion.
  • Conveniently send SMS messages using SMS Gateway!.
  • Send Bill amount SMS to Customers at the time of printing the Bill.
  • Alerts managers on exceptions like Discount.
  • Build customer database to sends Birthday and Anniversary wishes.
  • Send Bill amount SMS to Home Delivery Customers at the time of order dispatch.
  • and more....
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Send Audit Report to multiple mailbox.