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Allow customers to place orders directly from your App

ATS Android Ordering App

No matter how much your business grows, you have unlimited orders with zero commissions.

Publish with your own brand on the Play Store. Take control with a branded online ordering system, built just for you.

Puts your outlet on the map, so customers craving your products can find you in seconds. This is a fact, the future of eCommerce is ordering with an App... you will see.

The Ordering App you deserve, and more...


Orders come in real time, cash on delivery or prepaid. Say goodbye to missed or inaccurate orders.


Your dashboard collects customer data with every order placed and comes with cancel and refunds.


Access valuable data for every order you receive and get to know your customers better than ever.

Free of charge, zero commissions, unlimited online orders

ATS Android Ordering App

Your App, Your Brand

The customer will order from your ordering App.If you want the cherry on the cake, generate your own branded mobile app. Add your logo, choose your theme picture and start promoting it! . Professional, trendy, clean and friendly. We have it all!

ATS Android Ordering App

Dashboard - Manage Orders

Get all your restaurant's online orders in one place. When an order is placed from via mobile app, you get it instantly.

Your customers will get notifications every time an order status is changed, this way they will feel relaxed, even before they get your products.

ATS Android Ordering App


According to your customer's specifications, complete the order. Follow up status changes.

Manage all your deliveries & inform customer about the status in real time.

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