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ATS Restaurant POS

Managing stock has never been as easy! ATS F&B lets you take full control of your inventory. Software Is compatible with most barcode scanners you can plug into your computer. Can automatically keep track of your product costs and generate Daily Restaurant Profitability Also Keeps full track of inventory from purchase till sale.

Take guess work out of determining your food cost.


  • Use barcode scanners to manage inventory quickly.
  • Stock can be maintained for all or selected items of menu.
  • Quantitative analysis of raw materials and beverages.
  • Multiple Units of measurement.
  • Maintain consumption of items to identify popular item.
  • Create Menu Items along with their Recipes.
  • Provision to enter Store Receipts & Issues to Cost Centers.
  • Track of Inventories at each Cost Centre, Day End Stock.
  • Supplier wise / Item wise Purchases.
  • Raw item Issue V/S Consumption Variance.
  • Daily Restaurant Food Cost.
  • Item Consumed for a date, month and year can be determined.
  • Item purchased for a date, month and year can be determined.
  • Item issued for a date, month and year can be determined.
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Multi unit Multi category Raw items

Raw Material

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Generate Raw Material Varience

Varience Report

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Generate Food cost based on Recipe


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Purchase and Store balance


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Item master with Costing

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Food Cost with average profit per group.

Food Cost