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Headquarters Reporting for Multi-unit Restaurants

Automatic Delivery of Reports, Billing and Store Data

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Sends Financial Information to Headquarters


With our Enterprise Reporting module, the ATSF&B Server lets you collect sales and marketing data from all of your stores overnight. Key financial information is transferred to headquarters from each location in a chain or franchise organization. Customers and their purchase information is also transferred to central office automatically with each financial batch.

Correct informative data delivered to you on a daily basis.

Enterprise Reporting and Control module Features

  • All information from each store is sent to the head office daily.
  • Accurate reporting of sales figures dailys.
  • Full reporting on all aspects of each locations.
  • Marketing opportunities from head office.
  • Full analysis of all products sold.
  • Schedule, produce and deliver any report.
  • Send customer information and daily financial summary information.
  • Trouble free cash collection management.
  • Real-time reports about your business like what items are selling and how your business is growing.
  • send Home Delivery customer database for consolidation.

Period-to-Date Sales Report

Menu Items Sold Report

Emailed Reports