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Touch POS System.


Touch POS is a computer system where one can select the functionalities and applications from the computer screen. Point of Sale Dual Core Fanless Touch POS.

All in One POS Terminal.


All-in-one integrated system with touch screen, thermal printer , MSR , Pole Display

Modular Desktop PC .


Compact and flexible for a variety of environments

Thermal POS / Lan Printers .


Superb print speed Thermal Printing ,Improved spill resistant cover, Easy paper-roll installation.

RF and Mifare card Readers .


RF card readers for all your dining, casual dining, bar, food court and pub environments.

Cash Drawer.


Cash drawer is used to segregate currency with the changes and coupons and keep them in appropriate places.

Pole Display


It provides customers a view of the billing process and final billing amount.

Magnetic Stripe Reader


Magnetic Strip Reader is a device which reads debit/credit card information and helpful to update/redeem customer loyalty points,.

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