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Manage Food Courts with MULTIPLE COUNTERS

ATS Restaurant POS

Prepaid Debit Card Software for Malls, IT Parks, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Canteens, Night Clubs and Corporate Cafetarias.


  • Customers obtain a prepaid rechargeable card at the entrance.
  • Customer hands over the card to place an order.
  • The server swiped the card and serves the order.
  • The sale amount is instantly deducted from the card balance.
  • The customer can recharge the card as and when required.
  • The customer can recharge the card with Cash, Credit Card & Coupon.

Prepaid Cards are easy to use and keep sale counters organized


  • Cash transaction are limited to only Issue and Recharge Counters.
  • Customer is relieved from managing cash on each Bill.
  • Card validity can be configured accordingly.
  • Card Balance Refund , Security and validity can be customized.
  • Detailed reports on sale , issue , recharge and refund.

Send Individual Sale Counters Audit Report to Multiple email mailbox

Unique Features

  • Save food order in case of Insufficient card balance.
  • User interface is attractive, quick to learn and functional beyond comparison.
  • Fastest , Reliable and Accurate bill operation.
  • Recipe and Issue based Raw Material Food cost.
  • Kitchen display System for pending orders status.
  • Void bill control and printing at sale counters.

Integrate Finger print authentication and stop manual system of coupons

ATS Restaurant POS

ATSF&B Prepaid card POS billing counter software helps fast billing to improve customer service. Customer is relieved from managing cash on every bill because of cashless operation.

POS Features

  • Touch screen Navigation | Mouse & Keyboard compatible.
  • Complementary Bill with Report.
  • Manage any number of counters safely especially during peak hours.
  • Customer Loyalty for better Relationship.
  • No Loose Change Problem on sale Counters.

Customer Food Order ready " S M S Alert " in your Food Court operation

ATS Restaurant POS

Restaurant owners know how important it is for food to go out hot and on time. ATS order alert SMS allows customer to see when there food is ready for pick up.Our order alert SMS sytem is a sleek and modern way of order notification over Beepers and Buzzers. And as a totally wireless and paperless system, it is also more efficient and environmentally friendly.

For Waiting Guests

  • Allow Guest to know on their Mobile that their food order is ready.
  • Can pick up order from the counter without waiting in line.
  • No crowded entrance or long waiting line on counters.
  • No looking for patrons or shouting out names during peak hours.
  • Serve your orders at the proper temperature every time.
  • No more Broken Pagers or Buzzers by customers.
  • Thank guests and automatically build a text marketing list.
  • Give guests the freedom to place order at different counters simultaneously or go outside.