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Debit Card Cover Charge , Entry charge integrated POS Solution

ATS Restaurant POS

Quick ordering, fast payment by cash , credit card and coupon.Simplify cash management in your bar, pub, night club, lounge. Keep bartenders free from cash transaction at the bar counter.

Customized Night Club Solutions if required


  • Customers obtain a prepaid rechargeable card at the entrance.
  • Customer hands over the card to the bartender to place an order.
  • Bartender swipes the card and serves the order.
  • The order amount is instantly deducted from the card balance.
  • The customer can recharge the card as and when required.


  • Cash transaction are limited to only Issue | Recharge Counters.
  • Customer is relieved from managing cash on each Bill.
  • Card validity can be configured accordingly.
  • Card Balance | Refund | Security can be customized.
  • Instant Lookup of no of Couple / Stag / Girls inside the club.
  • Detailed reports on sale | issue | recharge | refund.

Easy Customer TAB creation with a credit card swipe

ATS Restaurant POS

ATS Bar Tab was developed specifically for a nightclub owner here in town that estimated they were losing over Rs.1,00,000.00 per year on lost, and incorrectly calculated Bar tabs. Not because people refused to pay them, but because of sloppy handwriting , Bar theft , addition errors or the records themselves simply disappearing.

ATSBarTab Solution Ask us Why?

  • Do you have a hard time keeping up with bar tabs for your regulars ?
  • Are you flipping through index cards or pads of paper to see who owes you money ?
  • Have your bartenders ever added up your customer's bar tab incorrectly ?
  • Or even worse yet, does the paper the bar tabs are written on ever disappear ?


  • Never lose track of customer tabs.As it is stored on computers and can be backed up for safe keeping.
  • Customer & Item records just 1 click away.All open customer bar tabs will remain on display
  • Never have addition errors again or multiplying by the wrong price.
  • Everything is tracked including editable day / night drink prices, and discount.
  • Users log into the system and are displayed on each customer bill so you know who ran the tab.

One-touch cash tender button

ATS Restaurant POS

ATS POS was developed specifically for the fast nightclub operation.The basic POS operation has been made as simple as possible and takes only a couple of clicks to complete cash billing.

Bar Counter Cash N Carry POS

  • Fast and Easy Navigation with 1 click Fast Billing.
  • Built in Recipe and Full Circle Inventory control
  • Easy to setup and use Menu
  • Easy Bill split , Table shift and Item shift

POS Addons

  • Online Tablet K O T ordering for Table service.
  • Print Door Entry Coupons of any amount for POS Billing