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Bakery and Sweets Shop Software

One interactive screen handles it all-from menu to specialty and advance orders

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Manage the Rush at Multiple Counters with Ease

ATS Restaurant POS

Sweet shop and Bakery Software to manage and handle multiple customer with simple and easy to use interface. Integrateed with weighing scale POS, Customers orders, Inventory and loyalty our solution helps you deliver complete control.

POS, Customer Orders, Inventory


  • Take on Customer advance orders of all kinds.
  • Quickly enter formulas and assign them to your products.
  • convenient and easy to use POS interface.Adaptable to most Bakery & Sweets shops
  • Track and control your stock by defining minimum quantities of each item.
  • Run your own loyalty program for your customers.
  • Offer reward points for various action like purchase.
  • Issue a free gift card for your loyal customers and reward them on every purchase.
  • You can speed up your POS with receipt printers, barcode scanners, Weighing scale & touch screens.
  • Real-time reports about your business like what items are selling and how your business is growing.
  • Home Delivery.
  • S M S and EMAIL.

Home Delivery, Gift Cards

Completely customize, print, and program the cards to integrate with your system. Branded gift cards can be swiped just like any normal credit card to load the selected value and activate the card.Gift card balances are automatically tracked and updated in Restaurant POS.
Since the restaurant loyalty program is an integrated feature within the ATS system, guests can earn and use their rewards points by using their ten digit phone number.Customers can see their loyalty balance on receipts.
ATS is an all-in-one restaurant POS with an integrated CRM, which means you can collect information about your customers when he places an order.