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Android POS and Customer Loyalty

ZERO Investment in POS Hardware

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All you need is a smart phone & Rs.750 | $15 to start

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Make quick sales and manage your loyalty program from your smart phone. We made it simple but did not miss any functional features. The advantages of ATS app is that you do not need to buy any hardware to start.

You may use any smart phone as your cash register in your restaurant. View reports, update menus or change prices from any device anywhere and at any time.

Think all the reliability and functionality of our regular software, now with android.

Change your smart phone into a POS

Awesome Android POS Features


Manage the cash excess / shortage at the end of the shift.


Add multiple Kitchen, Bar printers and Cash Drawer, Card Reader.


Gift Cards, Reward Points and Customer Bill History.


Complimentary Bill and other deals like "Buy one Get one (BOGO)".

Table Management

Table Shift and Void K O T with Password and remark.


Home Delivery , takeaway and Dine in sale types.

Cash Management

cash-in / cash-out management to eliminate staff mistake and manipulations.

Reward Points

Run your own Loyalty Reward system for your customers , Boost your sales

Modifier and Remarks

Add modifier message like "Less Spicy" or "No Onion" on KOT printing.

Web Report Dashboard

Reporting and Graph Dashboard for Restaurants.Automatic Delivery of Billing and Item Data.

Payment Types

Different payment methods like cash, CC, Credit, Cheque and Split Bill Payments.

Send Email Receipt

Make quick invoices and send email receipts to your customers enabling you to go paperless.

Android POS System is your best choice if you want to issue bills

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Report Dashboard

ATSPOS sync with the cloud in real time.With our reporting module, the ATS Server lets you collect sales and marketing data from your ATSPOS app.

All master data entered here is imported in to the smart phone app.

One simple login gives you full access to monitor & manage your entire POS system.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Offline billing

ATSPOS is designed to be offline first and works reliably either with internet or with "slow" internet.

All sale and item data will be automatically synced once connection is restored.

ATS Android Restaurant POS


You can see a summary report of your shift. Expected amount of cash is calculated from sales, refunds, and cash paid in / out during the shift.

Manage the cash excess / shortage at the end of the shift and track employees inaccuracy or manipulations.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Customer Reward points program

ATSPOS app reward customers who make recurring purchases by awarding them bonus points. Collect customer details, analyze number of visits and the purchases amount.

If a customer has bought from you once, then why not again?

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Create KOT / Ticket

ATSPOS offers a flexible way to generate Table KOT. Order is taken from the customer using the phone and is sent wirelessly to the kitchen and Bar printer. No need to go to the kitchen to place orders.

Use your Android Point of Sale to take orders at the counter, at the table

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Send Email receipts

ATSPOS offers a good alternative to printing receipts. Send bills to customer email enabling you to go paperless and green.

Quickly retrieve any receipt from anytime.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Cash management

ATSPOS app can manage all your cash transactions. ATSPOS offers to track cash-in / cash-out to eliminate staff mistake and manipulations. Allow employees to keep better track of all activities in the store with every individual shift.

ATS Android Restaurant POS


Apply discounts in percentage or amount. Create pre defined discount keys. Discount is only done with password and remark. ATSPOS app allows you to provide flat discount on total amount. There can be multiple discounts created on different basis.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Modifier and Add-On

Modifiers allow restaurant owner to customize their food items in a simple and efficient way. Automatic tagging of menu item with multiple modifiers is easy. Add modifier message like "Less Spicy" or "No Onion" on KOT printing.

ATS Android Restaurant POS


You can simply add or void the item to the same bill, and all of the voided items are recorded in the system for reviewing later. ATSPOS app has secured Void Bill and item transaction control.Refund of selected KOT item can also be done with password and remark.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Shift Table / Order

Multiple KOTs can be added to the new or existing table. User can also transfer items from one table to another table. This option is very useful when some guests move from one table to another.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Complimentary and Deals

It is important to keep your customers happy, and that can sometimes mean incentivizing loyalty. Run your own system to reward your customers for their loyalty.Generate No Charge bills. Add Sale promotions like "Buy one get one (BOGO)" or "Buy two get one" etc.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Kitchen printers & Dining options

Use kitchen printers to inform cooking staff what to prepare from an order. Kitchen printers are needed to meet the demanding requirements of a busy restaurant without sacrificing performance. ATSPOS app lets you note whether customers are dining in, taking their order out, or requesting delivery.

Instantly print kitchen order ticket in the kitchen, bar or wherever it needs to be produced.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Handle payments quickly

Accepting a number of different types of payments is an important way for businesses to offer a superior customer experience.There are a number of different payment options available with a ATSPOS app. Quickly take payments at the counter or at the table.

You can accept cash, credit cards, account sales, check and more.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Outlet Gift Card

Gift cards are a growing business. Over 70% of gift card users spend more money than the value of the card - an extra Rs.1300, on average. Create your own customized gift cards, featuring your logo..

Branded gift cards can be swiped just like any normal credit card to load the selected value.

Gift card balances are automatically tracked and updated in Restaurant POS.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Process Split Bill Payments

With Split Tender, customers can easily split a bill or use multiple forms of tender to complete a payment. For each form of tender accepted, a separate receipt will be issued. Each receipt will display the total sale amount, all items sold and the type of tender used.

You can choose to split the payment evenly, or enter a custom amount for each partial payment.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Detailed reports on your business

The Android Point Of Sale tracks all your sales in real time - so you can see which products are selling, what times of day you're busy, and what are the audit parameters.Advanced reports like APC- Average Per Customer and tip collection are also available.

Keep up to date by viewing real-time reports on daily sales, even when you're not at the venue.

ATS Android Restaurant POS

Generate Store Balance Every Day

Managing stock has never been as easy! Android ATSPOS lets you take full control of your inventory.

Stock can be maintained for all or selected items of menu.

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